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An Introduction to La Famiglia

Welcome to La Famiglia, an immersive puzzle adventure! This game is brimming with puzzles to solve as you work with the FBI to infiltrate the La Famiglia gang. To get started, first read the “Read Me First” pamphlet in your box. Then, open up Part I. Read the letter from Agent Price and the note from Agent Morris. Peruse the other materials. Come back to this when you’ve done that.

Part I Puzzles

As you’ve learned from Agent Price's letter and Agent Morris’ notes, Part I includes materials from 5 businesses that each need to be deciphered. These include:

  1. A Gelateria Flyer
  2. A Restaurant Menu
  3. The Gazzetta Weekly Tabloid
  4. Some Notes about a Poker Tournament
  5. A Famiglia Club Flyer and Membership Card

Each of these materials is a puzzle that encodes a secret word or phrase that you must find. There is also a distillery diagram that mentions the other five businesses, and you'll need to figure out the connection between them. Filling out the boxes in the distillery diagram is the final puzzle that concludes Part I.

Puzzle-Solving Tips & Tricks

Want some general puzzle tips that will be useful for some of the puzzles in La Famiglia?

Viewing Hints & Checking Solutions

If you are getting stuck on any puzzle, don't hesitate to get extra clues from the Online Companion Guide. These will give you small nudges in the right direction to help you solve the puzzles. Especially if this is your first time playing this type of game, there is no shame in using hints! Even people who are familiar with this style of game generally use at least a few hints.

Once you have found a solution, be sure to input it in the Online Companion Guide! Sometimes, it will reveal information that progresses the story. At a minimum though, you will know if you are correct or not.

Playing in a Group

If you are in a group, this game will be a collaborative endeavor. Groups generally tackle the game in one of two ways:

  1. You can divide and conquer. Give each member of the group (or couple members) a puzzle to look at. If anyone gets stuck, you can always swap to get a fresh pair of eyes.
  2. Everyone can work on a single puzzle at one time. You’ll find that everyone thinks differently and brings fresh insights to the same material.

Have fun, and Happy Puzzling!

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