Enter La Famiglia

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Use this Companion Guide to check your solutions as you play. Sometimes, you will unlock parts to the story as you check these solutions. The Companion Guide can also be used to view hints. Most players use at least a few hints to get through the entire game.

Below is the list of items you should have for each part. If you are missing anything from La Famiglia, click here.

To begin with, you should have a 'Read Me First' pamphlet for La Famiglia.

La Famiglia - Part I

  1. One-page letter from Agent Price
  2. Two pages of notes from Agent Joseph Morris
  3. Blue distillery diagram
  4. Gelateria flyer
  5. Restaurant menu
  6. Gazzetta Weekly tabloid
  7. Two pages of notes about a poker tournament
  8. A speakeasy flyer and membership card

La Famiglia - Part II

  1. Three-page letter from Agent Price
  2. Note in the handwriting of Bruno Costa
  3. Note by Mayor Thompson
  4. Envelope from A.A. containing two pages of a neighborhood bulletin
  5. Envelope from B.B. containing a party invitation and enclosed card
  6. Envelope from C.C. containing four different baseball cards
  7. Envelope from D.D. containing a flyer about Arlington Park and two betting forms
  8. Envelope from E.E. containing a radio schedule and note outlining lists of radio shows