Enter The Takedown

Use this Companion Guide to check your solutions as you play by selecting Check Solutions & Unlock the Story below. Sometimes, the story will progress as you check your solutions. The Companion Guide can also be used to view hints. Most players use at least a few hints to get through the entire game.

degrees clockwise

To begin with, you should have a 'Read Me First' pamphlet for The Takedown.

The Takedown - Part I

  1. Envelope from Margaret Price with a one page letter
  2. Two pages of notes from Agent Morris
  3. Large diagram of the distilling process
  4. “Raw Supplies Store” sheet
  5. “Practical Italian Recipes” booklet
  6. Sheet titled "Use Sieve to Clarify Solutions"
  7. Sheet titled "indirizzo di consegna" containing colored squares
  8. Envelope titled “Materials Found on Bruno Costa” with several components inside:
    • Three different small cards with holes punched in them
    • Small slip of paper with “Clock” written out and numbers below it
    • Three small pages with a black and white image on each side
    • Sheet of paper with four sieve circles and "degrees clockwise" written out
    • Sheet with "set levers" written at the top
    • Sheet with "Set dials as the last step, using everthing" written at the top

The Takedown - Part II

  1. Envelope from “M. Price” (Margaret Price) with a one page letter
  2. Two pages of notes from Agent Morris
  3. Circular disk cipher
  4. Encoded message sheet with dates
  5. “In case something happens to me” note
  6. Five double-sided magazine sheets
  7. “Open when instructed” envelope with two sheets inside