After only a few minutes you think you’ve found the bag. But there’s a problem. It’s locked with an 8 letter combination lock. The outside of the bag has an interesting stitched matrix with numbers on it, however.

Unfortunately, the lock didn't open with that answer.

Enter Reager's Return

Use this Companion Guide to check your solutions as you play. Reager's Return unlock parts to the story for every puzzle you solve, so be sure to check these solutions. The Companion Guide can also be used to view hints. Most players use at least a few hints to get through the entire game.

On second thought, it doesn't seem that the direction () and distance () are correct.

You have conviction that the direction () and distance () are correct. Now onward to figuring out the location.

Part I

The police officers in the small Victorian town of Blackbrim have been disappearing one by one. A package arrives at your door upon the disappearance of the final officer, Commissioner Farodson. Fearing that he too would be abducted by the mysterious figure known as Reager Skinner, the Commissioner instructed that the investigation materials be passed to you, the town detective. You are able to decipher the materials and discover that the officers are being held at Cordelia St. Manor.

Part II

Upon arrival at the manor, you are ambushed and knocked out by gas. You awake to find yourself locked inside. You explore the manor and find puzzles in each room. You decipher the puzzles, and in doing so, free the officers and escape the manor. Through your adventure, you learn that Cordelia St. Manor was Reager’s childhood home, that Reager was christened Rose at birth, and that she had an older brother—Alfred—who she locked away, likely causing him to perish.

You have freed the officers, and the entire town of Blackbrim is grateful for your heroic efforts. Of Reager, however, there is no sign.

Below is the list of items you should have for each part. If you are missing anything from Reager's Return, click here.

To begin with, you should have a 'Read Me First' pamphlet for Reager's Return.

Reager's Return - Part I

  1. Envelope with a letter from Antony Deione addressed to you, the Detective
  2. The Coach Carriage envelope containing an 'Open When Instructed' envelope (with 1 item inside), a letter from Reager, and a pamphlet from The London Express
  3. The Luggage Carriage envelope containing an 'Open When Instructed' envelope (with 1 item inside) and 8 distinct luggage tags
  4. The First Class Carriage envelope containing an 'Open When Instructed' envelope (with 1 item inside), a poetic note in Reager's handwriting, and a poem
  5. The Steam Engine envelope containing two different cipher disks, an encoded message, and a letter with several images on it from Reager

Reager's Return - Part II

  1. A letter from Reager
  2. The London Tour Itinerary
  3. A Map of North London
  4. The Victoria Terminal Train Bulletin
  5. A puzzle from Reager with Arrivals and Departures
  6. The Widow's Enigma advertisement
  7. The Grand London Ball flyer
  8. International Morse Code translation sheet
  9. Small sheet with apothecary notes and remedies on it
  10. Image of an apothecary shelf with numbered jars
  11. Apothecary Inventory page
  12. 'Open When Instructed' envelope with a sheet inside