Getting Started & Game Hints

  1. If you’d like to enhance your game experience, check out this curated list of holiday snack and drink recipes!
  2. Watch the Prologue to Mission: Elfpossible, if you haven't already.
  3. If you’d like some music during the game, put on your holiday favorites, or play this curated holiday adventure playlist!
  4. For FAQs on how to play in a group and more, view the product page.
  5. You should have an email in your inbox from pip@elf.enterprises. Start the game by reading this email and clicking the included link. Make sure you have everyone in your group together before beginning the adventure! The game automatically saves your progress, so you won’t be able to go backwards.
  6. View hints for the game below.

Have fun! If you have additional questions or need assistance, email us at support@puzzlingpursuits.com.

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