Enter BLACKBRIM: 1876

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Use this Companion Guide to check your solutions as you play by selecting Check Solutions & Unlock the Story below. Sometimes, the story will progress as you check your solutions. The Companion Guide can also be used to view hints. Most players use at least a few hints to get through the entire game.

Below is the list of items you should have for each part. If you are missing anything from Blackbrim: 1876, click here.

To begin with, you should have a 'Read Me First' pamphlet for Blackbrim: 1876.

Blackbrim: 1876 - Part I

  1. Sealed envelope addressed to you, the Detective, with a letter
  2. Map of Blackbrim
  3. Letter from Reager, addressed to Commissioner Farodson
  4. The Skinner Tribune newspaper clipping
  5. Four different photos
  6. Spelling Bee flyer
  7. Three different circular ciphers and a square cipher base
  8. Bill of Fare

Blackbrim: 1876 - Part II

  1. The Foyer envelope containing a letter from Reager addressed to you, the Detective, and a floorplan
  2. The Parlour Room envelope containing 5 different paintings
  3. The Study envelope containing 2 different pieces of paper with poems
  4. The Solarium envelope containing 4 different thick cards
  5. The Bedrooms envelope containing 1 thick card and 2 pieces of paper comprising a letter
  6. The Kitchen envelope containing 1 recipe card and 1 paper with 10 statements
  7. The Dining Room envelope containing 1 place card and 1 napkin